1. Who are we?

HealthStore is the largest importer of food supplements in Bulgaria. The company was established in 2006. We import about 50 brands of food supplements. We have enough experience in this business. We know what is being sought, we know what works well, we know how to satisfy our users' needs.

2. Why did we decide to create our own brand of food supplements?

In fact, the main reason is - we've decided to shorten the production cycle which a product goes through to the end user. Here's how a normal cycle looks like:

• Step # 1 - a company that produces the products at its own factory
• Step # 2 - a company that owns the brand and has ordered the products for its brand to be manufactured in the factory from step # 1
• Step # 3 – a company that imports the products for a country / region.
• Step # 4 - a company distributor of products or logistics company
• Step # 5 - a shop or reseller who sells the products to the end user
In this case, we have decided to save to our customers the steps 2, 3 and 4. Although each retailer in the chain puts a minimum of 10% mark-up. We are well aware of the major manufacturers of food supplements worldwide. Most of them have been working well for years, they are producing most of the brands we are currently selling. With our help, their technologists have developed analogue products of the big brands. The same quality, the same formulas - but at a much lower price.

What do our customers earn? The great advantage is that the products from the factory directly reach the end user. We combine steps 2 until 5. Thus, the customer gets the same products, but at a very low price.
What do we earn as a trader? We are competitive on the market because the resellers / intermediaries are leaving. Win - Win situation, something that everyone aspires to.

3. Why do you choose HS Labs products?

Because the products work and because they are at a more competitive price than the other brands. It's very simple. We decided to create an affordable brand that is just for the Bulgarian consumer. Fact that most of the chains in other industries in our country and all around the world are already doing. The price is lower by 20-30% of the market, and the only reason for this is that there are no downstream retailers. And the products themselves are good enough to give them a chance and to judge whether they work better than the previous that you have consumed and whether it is worthwhile to change your current protein to that of HS Labs. Before we created the brand, we did the same sample comparisons, then we said, "These products work well and with these prices the consumers would be happy.

4. How to be sure that you buy the product which is on the label?

Most traders of nutritional supplements would respond to this issue by pointing out that the products are manufactured in the most modern factories, that they use the highest quality raw materials, the quality control is at high level, and many more at very best. Of course, we are also striving for this. Every merchant praises his merchandise. But what we are most committed to is our own name - HealthStore. We are a well-known market name in Bulgaria. We would never have launched a product that we know that does not work. We know very well that we can get a customer to try a specific product by recommending it, but if he then tries and is not happy, then we lose his confidence. The next time he would never listen to the advice of a consultant and would have doubts about what we offer him. And we are even likely to lose it as a customer. That is why we would recommend our customers only something that we believe in ourselves, products that we would take ourselves.

5. What to expect from HS Labs products?

The product line consists of basic ingredients in pure form: proteins, pure creatine, amino acids in pure form. We avoid formulas with many ingredients or formulas in which the quantities of each ingredient are not mentioned. We avoid formulas that are super, mega or hyper-working because we know it's just super mega marketing. Although most of our formulas look simple - they work. This is exactly what we strive for. Pure and working products.

6. What packages have we selected?

Packages and labels are in a clean form, we do not see the point of investing in powdered packs that attract the eye, but eventually we throw them out after the product is over. We have chosen to make the products affordable. We want our customers to pay only for what they will consume, not for packaging and marketing.

7. Taste or price?

According to most of the brands the good taste of the products is the most important, it has become increasingly popular that if a protein is delicious, it is the best. Our point of view is a bit different - many of our products are unsweetened, and where we use flavors and sweeteners, we strive to put them in a minimal amount. Why? First, we want our customers to accept the products in their purest form and to get only the ingredients that produce results, not a delicious filling. Secondly, adding large amounts of flavors and colorings is not always helpful. Thirdly, the addition of sweeteners and dyes increases the price. There are of course ingredients that if they are not bloated are unpleasant to receive, but when formulating our products, our priority was they to work. After all, if you're looking for something delicious - you can always choose an ice cream