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What is HS Labs Tyrosine Powder?

HS Labs Tyrosine Powder provides pure L-tyrosine - an essential amino acid that plays significant roles throughout the nervous system by serving as a precursor for both norepinephrine and dopamine.

Benefits of L-Tyrosine

L-tyrosine is the amino acid your body uses to produce dopamine and norepinephrine, thereby encouraging feelings of motivation and focus. Research shows that supplementing with L-tyrosine can significantly boost cognitive function and may help with mentally demanding tasks, like studying, reading, writing, etc.1 

Other research has found that L-tyrosine improves ‘deep thinking’ and helps block extraneous thoughts (i.e. daydreaming).2 In turn, L-tyrosine is a great supplement to use when you really want to dive into something that requires intense focus and critical thinking. 

In terms of athletic performance, L-tyrosine is a super adjunct to most any preworkout supplement for bolstering focus and motivation. 

While Tyrosine is necessary for protein synthesis and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, it is not typically a rate-limiting factor like branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are. We recommend HS Labs BCAA supplements for muscle building purposes.

Thus, supplementing with HS Labs Tyrosine Powder can help:

● Promote motivation and focus
● Enhance mental acuity
● Increase energy
● Support muscle protein synthesis

What Makes HS Labs Tyrosine the Best?

HS Labs Tyrosine Powder is 100% pure and is made in a GMP-certified facility. Our high-quality L-tyrosine powder is free from added fillers, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. HS Labs Tyrosine Powder is unflavored and easy to mix.

1.  Bryant J.Jongkeesa. N.Bernhard, S.Colzato 2015. Effect of tyrosine supplementation on clinical and healthy populations under stress or cognitive demands-a review. Journal of psychiatric research, 70, 50-57
2.  Colzato, de haan, hommel. 2015. Food for creativity: tyrosine promotes deep thinking. Psychological research, 79(5), 709-714.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use the product as a substitute for a varied diet. Recommended are balanced diet and healthly lifestyle. Do not ingest if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Children, pregnant or nursing women must not take the product. Keep out of the reach of young children. BEST BEFORE, BATCH NUMBER: The date of minimum durability and batch number is on the bottom of the package. Keep this packaging tightly closed in a dry place, at the temperature 15-25°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.