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What is AMINO 2500?

AMINO 2500 is a premium free-form amino acid supplement that is quickly absorbed and great for active individuals who want to speed up recovery and promote muscle growth. AMINO 2500 contains 18 essential and non-essential free-form amino acids derived from whey protein concentrate, giving your muscles the requisite substrates for growth and repair.
Benefits of AMINO 2500

AMINO 2500 contains 2500 mg of free-form amino acids derived from whey protein concentrate per serving (two tablets), with roughly 500 mg in the form of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Research suggests that BCAAs (especially L-leucine) are the most important amino acids for stimulating muscle protein synthesis (and thus, muscle hypertrophy).1 

Since the amino acids in AMINO 2500 are not peptide-bonded like the amino acids found in protein powder, they require minimal digestion and are absorbed rapidly. This makes AMINO 2500 ideal for active individuals who want a quick amino acid boost without having to worry about digesting protein powder or food.

Benefits of Amino 2500 include:

  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis and muscle building
  • Reduces recovery time & inhibits muscle catabolism (breakdown)
  • Rapidly absorbed and easy to digest

Why AMINO 2500 Is the Best Tablet Form of Amino Acids on the Market

AMINO 2500 contains pure free-form amino acids from whey protein - which is nature’s best source of essential amino acids in the ideal ratio for muscle protein synthesis. This ensures that each serving of AMINO 2500 helps promote muscle recovery and encourage growth. In addition, AMINO 2500 is produced exclusively in the EU under strict quality control standards that guarantee you get only pure, potent, and safe ingredients.

How to Use AMINO 2500

AMINO 2500 is the ideal amino acid supplement to consume before and after working out. You may also use it between meals, with meals, and immediately after waking for further benefits. Take 2 tablets (1 serving) up to 3 times per day to help support muscle building and reduce muscle catabolism. AMINO 2500 is not intended to replace a healthy, protein-rich diet.

1.Blomstrand E, Eliasson J, Karlsson HK, Köhnke R. Branched-chain amino acids activate key enzymes in protein synthesis after physical exercise. J Nutr. 2006 Jan;136(1 Suppl):269S-73S. 


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use the product as a substitute for a varied diet. Recommended are balanced diet and healthly lifestyle. Do not ingest if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Children, pregnant or nursing women must not take the product. Keep out of the reach of young children. BEST BEFORE, BATCH NUMBER: The date of minimum durability and batch number is on the bottom of the package. Keep this packaging tightly closed in a dry place, at the temperature 15-25°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.